a culmination of art, emotional intelligence, & team building
We are all wired to create, seek, and be purposeful. Creativity isn't about making art, it's an unexpected shift in how we understand things. Artknowlogy is a refreshing approach to team building and strategy development. We provide a creative, art-based atmosphere for groups seeking to build trust, communication and increased productivity. 
Who benefits from Artknowlogy workshops?
Small business and corporate teams looking for a creative alternative to traditional team or vision building to promote communication, productivity, clarity and empowerment. 
Networking, church or social groups seeking creative ways to promote communication and participation. Wellness and therapy centers searching for alternative methods to provide for their clients to express themselves in safe, creative ways. 
Programs searching for additional and unique curriculum to engage participants in cognitive and thought-provoking discussions tackling every thing from peer pressure to core driving personality traits.
Our curriculum is surprisingly adaptable.